Hillcrest Cemetery

Contact: Pat Frederick

Phone: 715-449-2418

*Annual Hillcrest Cemetery Meeting
First Saturday in April at Norrie Town Hall
Cemetery records and a map of the cemetery can be viewed online.
Go to: https://ckonline.tbgtom.com
Login: Hillcrest
Password: Hillcrest


Current Fees as of 5/1/18: 

  • $600 per plot
  • $100 for urn burial
  • $50 re-seeding fee after burial
  • $50 fee to mark the site for digging
  • Make checks payable to Hillcrest Cemetery Association and mail to: Pat Frederick - 225430 County Rd D, Birnamwood WI 54414
  • Burial fee - Winter   $650 plus thawing costs
  • Burial fee - Spring/Summer/Fall - $550
  • Winter Urn Burial - $150

Hillcrest Cemetery Rules and Regulations:

  • Lot owners may plant flowers and shrubs on each grave space provided it does not interfere with the adjoining lot or lots or grave spaces. Shepherd hooks, planters and other decorations are to be placed tightly against monument. Large trees and shrubs are prohibited.
  • The association or lawn care service has the right to remove any uncared for or unsightly foliage.
  • No glass items, aluminum cans or bottles, alcoholic beverages, food items or food containers may be left at grave spaces at any time.
  • Plastic and silk decorations must be removed by October 15.
  • Christmas decorations including wreaths must be removed by April 15.
  • One burial and one cremation per burial space, or two cremations per space are allowed.
  • All lots are sold with perpetual care. Perpetual care includes cutting of the grass, removal of leaves, removal of debris, and keeping up the graves. Perpetual care does not include the cleaning of monuments, placing of flowers on graves, watering of flowers or maintenance of graveside decorations.
  • No picnics, parties, refreshments, or liquor are allowed in the cemetery.
  • Green burials are allowed.
  • Lots are inalienable after an interment while the person is buried except with the consent of the Association.
  • One or more heirs may release their interest in any lot to any other heir. When owners desire to sell, they shall first offer to sell to the Association.
  • Heir ownership of grave spaces shall be: surviving spouses, children, grandchildren or people named in a will. If there are no known heirs in the vicinity and no contact has been made with the Association, after 20 years, the space will revert back to the Association.
  • Property damage repairs to the cemetery grounds or any physical property will be billed to the responsible party.